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Uh…I don’t have a facebook page like the others. Uh I set one up under an alias, as Andrew Garfield, for a few weeks and made no friends. No one was interested. Except uh Andrew’s alias, who wanted to be best friends with his own fanpage. - Jesse Eisenberg

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I need to see this movie.

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Michael Fassbender and Jesse Eisenberg in London 7.14.2014


Michael Fassbender and Jesse Eisenberg in London 7.14.2014

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oh yes educate him

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50 Days of Jesse Eisenberg - 12/50

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They’re [fanny pack] useful tool. It’s a huge pocket at the center of your gut. What’s wrong with that?

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"When we were in Boston it was like we’d wake up and we’d be the only people we’d know. And then when we came back to LA I was miserable. Andrew has a girlfriend here and so he wouldn’t spend every minute with me."
— Jesse Eisenberg, TSN DVD (via davyjonessays)

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