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Go! Team cats! (x)

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Happy 31st birthday Jesse! (October 5, 1983)

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"Attention is good for an acting career and very confusing to a psyche. So it’s important to have friends and family who make you feel terrible about yourself to counter people who are fakely making you feel good."

Happy birthday, Jesse Eisenberg! (October 5, 1983)

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David Fincher: The look on Jesse’s face after Andrew says, “Oh god, we’re in so much trouble now,” and you cut to Jesse and he has this sort of impish look on his face, like “so what? Isn’t that the point, to be naughty?” and then you see it sink in for a second—he’s like, “oh wait a minute.” I remember watching him as we were shooting and he did it probably 12 or 13 times, and every time it was just a little bit different. You could just tell he had his fingers tightly around the throat of exactly what he was doing with this guy, and it’s a great pleasure to watch somebody who is as skillful as Jesse Eisenberg is. He doesn’t, I think, give himself the credit a lot of times because he’s so much of a responder. He’s not the kind of actor who wants to take center stage; he wants to react. But when you see him be this good for this many weeks in a row—and I remember he took me aside at one point and said, “You would tell me if I was sucking ass, you would tell me if I was terrible?” and I said, “Oh yeah, absolutely, you would be the first to know.”

DVD commentary

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Uh…I don’t have a facebook page like the others. Uh I set one up under an alias, as Andrew Garfield, for a few weeks and made no friends. No one was interested. Except uh Andrew’s alias, who wanted to be best friends with his own fanpage. - Jesse Eisenberg

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I need to see this movie.

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Michael Fassbender and Jesse Eisenberg in London 7.14.2014


Michael Fassbender and Jesse Eisenberg in London 7.14.2014

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oh yes educate him

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50 Days of Jesse Eisenberg - 12/50

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